Ekta Bhullar

Centre Manager - Tarneit World of Learning

“I enjoy helping to care for and nurture the children around me.”

I began my early childhood education and care career in 2005 and started working at Tarneit World of Learning in 2021.  I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care from Australia and a Bachelor of Education from India. 

I enjoy helping care for and nurture the children around me, which lead to my passion for working with children. 

During my early education career, I have learnt that children learn best when they are interested and engaged. Therefore, my teaching style is responsive to children's strengths, abilities, and interests to motivate and engage learning. I follow the pedagogical play-based learning framework and use this as the foundation for our learning programs.

My approach to helping children on their learning and life journey is guided by the ECA Code Of Ethics and Early Years Learning Framework. My vision is for every child to learn and thrive in high-quality learning environments supported by collaborative professionals committed to continuous improvement.

I work with families and communities to nurture our connectedness with our community and environments, learning about and enriching the children's knowledge.

Our team loves playing an active role in the development and growth of young children. The team is devoted to helping care for and nurture the children around us. We look forward to sharing this early learning journey with you and your family.

At our centre, we are supportive and build wonderful relationships with our families. I ensure positive communication is about listening without judgment and expressing families' thoughts and feelings openly and respectfully. I believe it helps everybody feel understood, respected and valued, and this strengthens the relationships. 


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