Kayla Steele

Centre Manager - Gold Creek World of Learning

‘I have a passion for innovation and new approaches.’

I began working in the sector in 2016 and in the same year I started working at Gold Creek World of Learning. I hold my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I am also studying full time to gain my Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) which I expect to complete in 2023.

I started as a trainee completing my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education through Gold Creek World of Learning and I became intrigued with the challenge and the complexity of the many roles within the service. I love being apart of a family that provides a safe haven for those that walk through the door. I love watching the generations of children enter the service and being apart of their journey. On their graduation day, I am not sure who cries more - me or the families! I'm forever proud of the accomplishments of both the children but also their families - its inspiring to see growth everyday.

I have learnt about communication through my work with children. Children have this way of speaking through a range of different methods to communicate with those around them. Learning to actively listen and seek to understand what the communication means continues to be an everyday learning experience for me. Its beautiful to watch the many methods of communication and open yourself up to honesty and vulnerability through this communication in order to gain another perspective. This guides my everyday teaching practice through engagement on the children's level and approaching each situation with an open mind as well as a chance to learn from children.

I have a passion for innovation and new approaches. I continuously challenge my team to think bigger and better and expect the same from myself. My approach is very much centered around individual children and families - not one size shoe fits all. I am a very strong believer in equitable chances for all children.

Gold Creek World of Learning is a family, we are here to offer support in anyway we can. Sometimes this is through advice, laughter, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to. Through attending an Early Childhood Education and Care Service your child creates an extended family in which they are challenged and supported. When you combine both of these elements your child is support to be independent, curious and an active member of society. Through attending Gold Creek World of Learning, you are never alone.

Gold Creek World of Learning has a team of qualified staff from all around the world. We celebrate languages alongside our families and embrace individual culture. The team are approachable, kind and honest. We are here to support you through any of the challenges that your family may face and offer qualified education advice. The team LOVE animals and a good laugh, they will share their lives with you and welcome you to the Gold Creek Family.

We are honest, above everything else. We will share with you the successes and challenges of your children's day in a safe space. We provide a sense of belonging and welcome families to teach us their special skills, honoring the huge contribute they have as a teacher in not only their children's lives but also in ours. We value feedback from our families in order to shape our service each day.

Welcome to Gold Creek World of Learning

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