Jenna Bond

Centre Manager - Kingswood World of Learning

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” ~ Author Unknown

My career in early learning began in 2006 and have been with Kingswood World of Learning since 2015. 

Over 14 years I have fulfilled many capacities various services across long daycare, preschool, before and after school care and vacation care. I've worked with ages from newborn through to children aged 12-years-old.

I have always worked well with children I have always loved how their minds work and it's such a rewarding experience knowing we are an integral part of who they become and what they learn.  

I believe children are capable individuals who when given the opportunity can do so much for themselves. I have learnt to step back a little and let children make attempts, let them call on me for help and guide them rather than doing it for them.

I respect children as little people who are capable of their own learning, I understand they are individuals with unique personalities, interests and learning styles and I work with them to embrace this.

Currently our Toddlers room is learning about friendship and healthy eating, our preschool room is learning about the body and cultural celebrations.  

When speaking to families in regards to the benefits of early childhood I am quite passionate about the social aspects that we provide which home generally does not, the children are grouped with children of their own ages and are typically around the same developmental stage therefore learning similar sets of skills. The structure of our day also prepares children for school readiness exposing them to transitions, routine, and learning experiences.

Our team believe all children have a voice and are heard and respected, we understand that we are here to advocate for the children in our care. 

In terms of health and safety, we have a cleaning routine through the day, we clean as needed throughout the day and we have regular deep cleans conducted. Safety issues are handled as soon as identified and we have regular maintenance checks conducted.

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Many have been with the centre for over 3 years. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in. We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family. 

The best part of my job is the team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators.  The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning. 

During tours of our centre, I try to personalise the experience to the family letting them lead me in areas they would like more information on, I don’t put time limits on tours so families don’t feel rushed during the experience and can see our second home.  I communicate with families after tours and offer to assist with any paperwork required as well as offering as many orientation days as they feel they will need I'm flexible and work with the families.  

We have a treat station in our foyer which is regularly stocked with easy breakfast options, fruit, coffee and tea. We hold events through the year for families to join us and we also have an open-door policy.  

Families are welcome to stay and play if they wish and our educators are easily accessible to families. 

I try to build relationships from the very beginning getting to know the family and the child who will be attending. I take time to talk to families during drop off and pick up and aim to address any needs and concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. I send regular catch-ups and emails to families and use Xplor to post to families to keep them in the loop of what is happening.

While I may run this ship, I'm still a human with my own quirks! I'm obsessed with the Cheese scrolls made here so much so that the children will bring them to my office for me on scroll day.

Call to enquire 1800 413 995