Diedrie Muralidharan

Centre Manager - Springvale1 World of Learning

“Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture – Loris Malaguzzi.”

In what year did you start working in early learning?


In what year did you start working at the Centre?

2018. Working as a Centre Manager for over 10 years 

What are your qualifications and experience in early education? 

Advance Diploma Community Sector Management 

Advance Diploma Children’s Services 

Postgraduate Diploma Chartered Institute of Marketing UK 

First Aid Certificate 

Child Protection

Supervisor Certificate – Food Handling & Servicing Nutritious food (Child Care) 

Certificate 1V Training & Assessment 

Certificate in Raising Good Children – Dr Kaylene Henderson 

Can you tell us about your time working in early education so far? What inspired you to go down this career path? What do you particularly love about it? 

I first joined Early Childhood sector as an Educator and worked for two years in the Nursery. 

Whilst working the nursery I began my early childhood studies and soon developed a great passion to see children learn and grow in their very first five years. Being a mother myself I wanted to create an environment that enables children to be able to discover the world around them with awe and ensure a nurturing safe environment is always maintained.

What have you learnt about children during your early childhood education and care career, and how does this guide your teaching style? 

My vison is driven by respecting each child no matter what cultural background, listening to each child’s voice, parent participation and strong connections to our community values. 

How would you sum up your approach/passion to helping children on their learning and life journey?  

My Vison and passion are driven by respecting each child no matter what cultural background, listen to each child’s voice, parent participation and a strong connection to our community values.

In what ways do you and your team uphold health and safety standards and practices at your centre? What is your Child Protection statement? 

Safety and wellbeing of all children is our primary focus. I Will provide a child safe environment where children feel empowered, their voices are heard, and they are culturally respected. I value the input of Children, Educators and Families. 

Tell us about your team? 

 We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Many have been with the Centre over 10 years. It’s the sort of Centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in. We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family. 

The best part of my job is the team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators.  The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning.

The whole process of starting at a new centre can create confusion and anxiety for families. How do you help your families understand how to enrol at your centre?

I am committed to providing a personalized experience for families and children from the moment they arrive at our Centre until they leave, we welcome them with a warm smile and greeting on arrival.

The child\and family needs are our focus, and we have friendly conversations with the families to understand and to know what they are looking for, we assist the child to be able to experience the play environment with the lead educator, whist the parent can then be able to get more information from me with regards to the curriculum and practices including the healthy menu’s, safety, what facilities we provide and cleanliness of the Centre. Listening to families and answering their questions with sincerity and commitment is one of our key priorities. We want our families to experience the friendliness, warm safe environment, and to get a feeling of trust in us during the tour, so that it will enable them to make that ever-important decision of leaving their precious child in our capable hands.

I always ensure families take away a pack with valuable information on what is needed to start care, and what they need to do and what to bring on the orientation day and first day of care.

Most of our team can speak the main community language, and we do have a team member who is able to translate and assist families to fill the enrolment form and give information regarding the CCS etc.

In what ways do you show support to your families? E.g. we offer parents snacks and coffee during the morning drop off to save them time, or we regularly hold celebrations to bring our families together as a local community.

Our families are always invited to be part of our ongoing curriculum, they can come in to share a story or share their culture or even be part of our excursions and incursions. Families always assist in special projects and contribute in natural recycle resource donation and good will charities.

How do you build a good relationship with your families?

At the orientation families are made comfortable by having friendly conversations about their child and by inviting them to a tea or coffee. Ongoing communication and working together for the needs of the child is the key to our building good relationships with our families. We also run two parent educator meetings a year to enable families to be part of their child’s learning journey. Parent feedback is always welcome for our quality improvement.

Fun fact about yourself.  

 I always use my imagination to decorate my home with natural arrangements, and this has inspired me to promote and create natural environments that are stimulating and bring out the best thoughts and imaginations in children at the Centre too.  

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