Kamna Singh

Centre Manager - Point Cook World of Learning

“I have always been passionate about working in early childhood, as it is rewarding to see the children grow and learn.”

I began my journey in early childhood as a student studying a Diploma of Early Childhood in 2012. I started working at World of Learning Point Cook in the same year as a casual, and once I completed my studies, I was offered a permanent position at the Centre. Soon after, I became a Co-Lead Educator of the Toddlers, then found myself running the three-year-old room. I was later given the opportunity to become the educational leader, 2IC and Centre Manager.

I have always been passionate about working in early childhood, as it is rewarding to see the children grow and learn. Every day brings something different! 

Mentoring my team of Educators and assisting them to build on their knowledge and thinking outside of the box keeps me motivated. Seeing families walk through the doors smiling every day and happily leave their children in this safe and inviting environment also brings me a lot of job satisfaction.

I am passionate about providing a program developed around play-based and intentional teaching moments in line with the Early Years Learning Framework. A curriculum that encourages and challenges children to develop their skills in a nurturing and safe environment. 

My role as Centre Manager at Point Cook World of Learning is a huge responsibility and an honour. I am passionate about providing an environment where children can explore, learn new things, practise and expand their skills, and talk about what they are doing and learning. My approach to children is to teach them to watch, listen, think and question. This approach, accompanied by an environment that supports play is essential to learning. 

I believe the learning benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre is far-reaching. Research shows that an early childhood environment is one of the best ways to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills through daily routines, building healthy relationships and supporting their independence. 

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Many have been with the Centre for over five years. It’s the sort of Centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in. We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family.

We invite our families to be part of our ongoing curriculum. They can come in to share a story or share their culture or even be part of our excursions and incursions. We include family input in our curriculum as well. At the orientation, families are made comfortable by having friendly conversations about their child and inviting them to a tea or coffee. Ongoing communication and working together for the child’s needs are key to building good relationships with our families. We also do parent educator meetings to enable families to be part of their child’s learning journey. Parent feedback is always welcome for our quality improvement. 

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