Suzanne Francis

Meet the Centre Manager of Mooringe World of Learning

“I believe there is something special about watching a child grow and develop knowing I had something to do with that.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 1984 and started working at Mooringe World of Learning in 1998. I hold a Diploma in Children’s Service.

I have always known that I had a passion for working with children. I believe there is something special about watching a child grow and develop knowing I had something to do with that. As my time went on, I have taken on more challenging roles starting first as a Team Leader then Assistant Centre Manager before deciding to become a Centre Manager. It was here I found my passion for leading and mentoring the future leaders as I share my knowledge and experiences with them. I enjoy meeting and building relationships with all children and their families and the wider community.

The benefits of an early childhood education and care centre includes having challenging environments and resources for children to explore and engage in that they may not have at home. Promoting social skills by having access to social interactions. While we are always challenging our children and encouraging them to explore their world, a focus for our centre at the moment is around sustainability and our social and emotional wellbeing.

We have a long-standing team with a variety of multicultural members who reflect the community. Majority of our staff team have worked at the centre for many years. We provide high quality education and care and have great satisfaction watching our children evolve as they learn and grow through play and socialise with others. We pride ourselves on our relationships with the children and their families and community. Our team have permanent staff that work in individual rooms which provides consistency and continuity throughout the centre.

Each child has the right to feel safe and secure and to learn and play and nourish their bodies with a nutritional meal each day.

Communication is a big focus at our centre. We are constantly communicating to our families via our all in one family app named Xplor through posts emails, phone calls and face to face. During our orientation process we speak with the families about what is important to them, we inform them on the staff in the room. We also give parents a welcome pack with a personal philosophy written by all staff.

As we have staff consistency in each room and primary caregiving, our parents feel like they have a familiar person they can call and speak to if needs be. As a centre we have an open-door policy which means that we are available to parents. We provide take home meals for families. We hold special events from time to time which we invite parents to attend. We also hold parent partnership meetings annually and family Christmas celebrations are held at the end of the year.

We prepare for our tour by calling the parent and finding out some information before the tour so we can make the tour is personal to them. We don’t have a time limit on tours so that all families feel welcome and enjoy the experience. We show the families all the rooms of the centre including the outdoor spaces and share a little history about the centre and some information on staff. We ask if there is anything, we can do regarding making the enrolment process easier. We have a customer engagement team that we work with as well as the families so that we can work together to make the process as smooth as possible. We offer orientation and visits before the child starts care.

Welcome to Mooringe World of Learning.

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