Bhanukala Dommaraju 

Centre Manager - Amberly Park World of Learning

"There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a child learn with passion and wonder. "

I started working in early learning in 2017. I joined Amberly Park World Of Learning in December 2022. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood and Education. 

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a child learn with passion and wonder. If we can provide opportunities for children to learn and encourage them to try, we are giving them the stepping stones to success. Attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre helps to develop social skills and build relationships with others before the child attends school. They also have the opportunity to explore various play spaces and develop important skills. 

Each child is unique. They play & learn in their own way. At Amberly Park World of Learning, we have long-serving, multicultural educators who are passionate about their roles. Our educators observe and understand them to set up the play spaces and learning according to their interest and development. 

We build strong connections with our families through emails, Xplor messages, informal discussions and at planned gatherings to understand their expectations and also develop shared goals for children's learning. We actively listen to families' needs and incorporating their inputs into early learning. 

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