Rebecca Jobson

Childcare Centre Manager - Narellan World of Learning

“My aim has always been to create an environment for children to be explorers, investigators, inventors, creators, and more.”

I began my early childhood education and care career in 2002 and started working at Narellan World of Learning in May 2021 as centre manager. I have been an area manager and NSW practice partner for service from 2019 to 2020. Before this, I was a centre manager for G8 Education since 2013.

I hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and have 18 years of teaching experience. I have also taught in the NSW public school system. 

I have held many roles throughout my career, including centre manager, educational leader, area manager and practice partner. Out of all of these roles, my passion lies in working directly with children and their families.

Throughout my time working with children, I have learnt that no two children are the same, and every day brings new experiences. Children each run their own race, and their learning should be individualised to them.

My aim has always been to create an environment for children to be explorers, investigators, inventors, creators, and more. Childhood is a time of wonder, and I want to create a place where children can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Early childhood is a time of exploration and wonderment. It is full of new learnings and discoveries where children can become who they want to be. Early childhood services play a hugely important role in providing children with the tools, people and resources to support their love of learning.

The Narellan World of Learning Team is made up of dedicated, skilled and experienced educators who have a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Every day we bring this experience together to design and implement individualised learning experiences and programs for each child, helping them grow into the best little people they can be!

When you arrive at our service, you will feel the warmth and care of the team, you will see the specifically designed learning spaces, and you will hear the children engaged in their learning.

You will be supported throughout the enrolment journey and have the opportunity for stay and play orientation sessions leading up to your child’s first day. Support and guidance are available at every step of the process, from completing enrolment forms to what to pack on the first day! Our dedicated parent room is available with a fully stocked coffee and tea station for those busy mornings.

Relationships are central to all we do at Narellan World of Learning. We aim to support each child and their family to feel a sense of security and belonging to our service. Each week you will receive a weekly catch-up with plenty of information to keep you up to date with what is happening within the service, as well as daily updates about your child and their engagement with the program. 

Welcome to Narellan World of Learning.

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