Liz Rolisnki 

Meet the Centre Manager of Melton World of Learning

“Children naturally gravitate to me; I enjoy being around them and I can make such a huge difference working as an educator.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2008 and started working at Melton World of Learning in 2008. I hold a Diploma in in Children’s Services. I worked as an educator and assistant Centre Manager for 8 years and in 2016 stepped up and became the Centre Manager at Melton World of Learning.

Ever since I was young, I always enjoyed being around children. I was always playing mother hen and would babysit all the young ones at events and family gatherings. I enjoyed teaching them new things and watching them grow. While at school I was a nanny for two young children and always enjoyed doing it. It wasn’t until I left school and had worked for several years in another industry that I realised this is what I should be doing as a career.

Children naturally gravitate to me; I enjoy being around them and I can make such a huge difference working as an educator. I love that as an educator every day is different. An educator can inspire children to think beyond their comfort zones and challenge them to reach their fullest potential. – what an amazing job! Now that I am a Centre Manager, I still get to enjoy my time with the children, but I also have the privilege to guide and mentor an amazing team to do the same.

If you are thinking of giving your child a head starts in life it pays to send them to a centre that focuses on early childhood education. Research shows that early childhood education is one of the best ways to help your child develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills they need to prepare for primary school and beyond. We have a team of highly trained educators that can help guide your children and prepare them for a lifelong joy of learning. This not only prepares your child for future learning, but makes family life easier, so you spend less time trying to get your child to cooperate and more time enjoying each other’s company.

Here are a few ways that your child can benefit from early childhood, now and in the future:

  • They’ll develop good habits. Educators know what skills your child needs to develop, and they use various techniques to help them develop these skills in a safe, secure and structured environment.
  • They’ll develop emotional resilience. Early childhood education gives your child an opportunity to develop social skills, which helps them form healthy relationships with other people. They’ll learn how to get along with other children, share and take turns, listen to others, communicate their ideas and become independent. As your child gets older, they’ll use these skills to develop friendships that will shape their sense of identity and their future.
  • They’ll develop early literacy and numeracy skills. Children learn these skills by listening to stories, talking about pictures and drawing shapes on paper, singing and playing music, or pouring sand into containers of different sizes.

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Many have been with the centre over 12 years. We have a positive culture around the entre that creates a really fun and nurturing environment for children and families. We are always there to support each other and our families. Our team is dedicated to providing the best care and education for our children and families.

All team members hold a First Aid certificate and update CPR, anaphylaxis, and asthma every year. We also complete extensive child protection training yearly to ensure we are up to date with the most relevant information and procedures. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children, young people, and families. We support the rights of the child and will act to ensure a child safe environment is always maintained.

It is really important for us to build good relationships with our families. This starts right from the first time we meet them, through orientation and beyond. We really stress how important open and honest communication is and families always feel welcomed to come and chat with team members or myself in the office. We update families regularly through our all in one family app - Xplor and rooms send through daily reports on the activities and learning of the day.

We incorporate lots of celebrations throughout the year that focuses on the local community and brings our families together. We also hold fundraisers and “dare the boss” events that have been so much fun in the past.

Once we have conducted a tour and established if our centre is a good fit for your family, we talk you through the enrolment process. We explain what needs to be completed from Centrelink and from our end to get an enrolment up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. During orientation we can help families fill out any forms they need help with and guide them through the Centrelink process.

Welcome to Melton World of Learning.

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