Centre Manager - Lilliput World of Learning

“Every child is unique and requires different support to become confident learners. ”

My early learning journey began in 2007, and I joined Lilliput World of Learning in 2018. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I always knew I wanted to mentor and guide others in this sector to provide children with the best possible start in their early years. To achieve this, I worked diligently to become a Centre Manager. In this role, I can guide my team to excel, ensuring that children have the best chance to thrive during their crucial first five years.

Every child is unique and requires different support to become confident learners. I have learnt that each day brings new experiences, and children are our greatest teachers. They lead with their interests and thrive in a play-based environment enriched by adult engagement and support.

A dedicated early learning environment allows children to discover their interests and passions. It is essential to me that children feel a sense of agency and choice, engaging in activities they love and feel confident doing. This foundation sets them up for future success, enabling them to make important decisions and critically reflect on their choices. In the first five years, socialisation is crucial, helping children form friendships and learn to work and play with others. Early education also prepares them emotionally for school.

My team is composed of long-serving, gentle, and loving members. With low turnover, we have built strong bonds with our children, which is vital for maintaining relationships that benefit their future lives. We are always here for families, showing care, listening to their concerns, and loving their children as if they were our own. We assist wherever we can, whether it's supporting children's development or simply providing a friendly ear. We are like family to our families, and they are the same for us. We encourage open conversations, respectful interactions, and the building of friendships with our families.



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