Crissy  Karasoulos

Centre Manager - Golden Grove World of Learning

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” ~ Author Unknown

We have identified that the early years of a child’s life is the most important time where they are more open to learn and absorb. 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2007 and started working at Golden Grove World of Learning in 2008. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to care for children. I have always wanted to be a mother myself and have always taken delight in watching children grow and thrive. I was inspired by the few people who stand out as memories of my past learning, recalling the impact they had on my growth and the importance that one can play in the future development of another human being.  It’s truly an honour every day to be given the privilege to be a part of a child’s learning journey.  

To support families in providing an environment where they can be truly comfortable to leave their precious loved ones and know that they will be nurtured and encouraged to grow and learn while having fun. Supporting a team of individuals who are passionate about early childhood education is a pleasure I enjoy daily. I began my journey by volunteering my time at my son’s school, reading in the classrooms, supporting the teachers and working in their canteen. I enjoyed these days and was encouraged to follow this path by my son’s teacher who saw my genuine passion to support and guide children’s learning.  

We have identified that the early years of a child’s life is the most important time where they are more open to learn and absorb. Learning within an early education service offers children the ability to get a head start when it comes to pro social skills and other valuable life tools. Children are then able to learn and grow deeply at an earlier age when they begin the journey in an early education surrounding.  

We have a diverse passionate team of individuals who work together to support our children and families. Some of our team members have been with the centre for over 13 years! Everyone is like a unique piece of a puzzle coming together to connect and support the scaffolding of our children’s learning journeys. 

We uphold health and safety standards and practices by ensuring that we follow policy, procedure, law, national quality standards, EYLF and Belonging, Being and Becoming. We ensure that the standard we walk past is the standard we are willing to accept. We complete monthly WHS audits and ensure risk assessments as well as benefits are always considered and present. We have professional cleaners attend the service three times a week. We have signage posted in appropriate areas to remind and guide individuals where necessary.  

Monthly policy reviews are engaged in to ensure we are up to date with any changes. The service completes daily cleaning check lists and ensure that everyone entering the service applies hand sanitiser.  

We build relationships with our families by inviting them in to look around. We like to encourage our team to meet with the family during their tour so that there is an immediate connection with the educators who will be caring for your child. We offer orientation visits which allow the children to foster a sense of belonging with their family present and provide families with the opportunity to ask questions and share their “why” or focus. We end our tour with the family meeting either the Assistant Centre Manager or the Centre Manager if not both depending on the availability. We then follow up with a personalised email which reiterates the information discussed during the tour. This provide our families with a reminder of what was discussed and invites them to connect directly to the service should there be any additional questions or support required. 

Where possible we try to have a member of the team be involved in the tour process. The team member will be someone from the age group that your family will be joining. This helps to build an immediate bond both with families and children. We also encourage transition visits, these allow us to learn about your child and for you to learn about the centre and ask any questions that may arise while in the environment. We also provide introduction packs which provide you with a breakdown of who your child’s Primary Care Giver will be as well as their educator profile which contains a short break down of information about them.

We provide daily events which are built off of child interest or which have been extended from learning occurring within the service. We invite families to share from home, community and culture and also invite ideas/inspiration for the days too. 

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