Jessica Dumitru

Centre Manager - Geelong World of Learning

“I have always enjoyed working with children, watching them learn and take on new skills while growing and developing is rewarding.” 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2017 and started working at Geelong World of Learning in 2019. I hold a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and a Diploma of Early Child Education and Care.

I have always enjoyed working with children, watching them learn and take on new skills while growing and developing is rewarding, knowing we have had an impact on them to learn those skills. Every child is their own person, what works for one; wont for another. How one child develops and grows, another may skip that milestone, it’s about adapting your teaching style to the individual child and family. Meeting those needs directly, researching and educating yourself to meet different challenges that families and child may come to you with. 

At our childcare centre, we target the social developments stages and the relationships that are formed in care. Even the shyest of children will form beautiful secure relationships with their teachers. We believe the outdoor environment holds as much importance of our indoor classrooms. Our outdoor environment is intentionally planned and programmed but is also open for children to engage in play their own way and allow for spontaneous play.

The Team at Geelong World of Learning believe in being a centre that is open to all family dynamics, cultures, and religions. We take pride in being a centre of diversity in our community. The best part of my job is the team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators.  The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning.

Following all safety and guidelines implemented by G8 Education and the Department of Health is how our team upholds health and safety standards, all staff are committed to keeping their qualifications and professional development updated. 

We build relationships with our families by being open and honest with them, giving them the time and patience to build the trust between us. Providing them with updated information, ensuring they feel welcomed to call or come in whenever they need to. 

Our local community is one of our largest learning environments and we believe engagement and supporting the community is vital for children to feel a sense of belonging to their community. Many outings and incursions are undertaken throughout the year where we can further children’s comprehension in the world that surrounds them. We also encourage parents and families to get involved in dress up or fundraising days. 

When touring our centre, we provide families with information packs they can take with them, often only one parent will come for the tour, but both will want to know about the centre and see it. Giving them packs with information and photos of our centre helps with making a decision.   

A fun fact about me is that I have a dog named Nana. Nana loves to sit in the basket on my bike while we are out for rides!

Welcome to Geelong World of Learning.

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