Tina Dong

Centre Manager - Fairfield Heights World of Learning

“Watching them grow, learn and understand throughout each milestone that comes their way, knowing that I am a part of this journey has been such an amazing experience on a daily.”

In what year did you start working in early learning? 

Started working in early learning since 2010.

In what year did you start working at the centre?

Started working at Fairfield Heights World of Learning as a CM since 2017.

What are your qualifications and experience in early education?

Diploma in Children’s services, trained in child protection and first aid.

Can you tell us about your time working in early education so far. What inspired you to go down this career path? What do you particularly love about it? 

What inspired me the most when starting off as an educator and working directly with children in all age group and understanding the diversity of all cultures which I had come across is that all children are different and are very special in their own ways whilst growing up. Watching them grow, learn and understand throughout each milestone that comes their way, knowing that I am a part of this journey has been such an amazing experience on a daily.

Seeing the positive impact we make on each of the children to become patient, loving, caring and understanding is the most rewarding whilst working within this field, leaving for the day and seeing their smiles and saying ‘See you tomorrow Miss Tina’ is what I look forward to coming in each day.  

What have you learnt about children during your early childhood education and care career, and how does this guide your teaching style?

Yes, we are all educators and we teach to the best of our ability but I find that it is the children who teaches us on how to love life, to learn and inspire one another, to be acknowledged for a job well done, to be complimented and to love and care for one another. This is life’s purpose and this is what my teaching strategy defines itself. 

How would you sum up your approach/passion to helping children on their learning and life journey?

The first 5 years of their lives are so important to learn the skills and to build a strong sense of self to guide them into the big world! This is the time where we support each child’s learning with patience and with the love for learning and of course to have fun at the same time! 

How do you explain to families the learning benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre compared to learning at home? What are some specific learning examples your rooms are learning about now? 

Learning within an early childhood education and care service allows children to be exposed and to build confidence in many different learning developmental areas such as social, emotional, physical, and cognitive and many more areas. 

Some examples of learning projects are ‘Science and maths’, ‘Shapes and colours’, ‘Sensory learning’, ‘Sustainability’ as well as preschool program, prepping children for when they start Kindergarten. 

In what ways do you and your team uphold health and safety standards and practices at your centre? What is your Child Protection statement? 

All team members are always up to date with the latest health and safety practices for the service, all team members participate in trainings and team meetings relating to health  and safety for best practice.

We all believe that every child has a voice and we are here to ensure they each can voice what they hear, see or feel and know that they are protected and listened to at all times.

Tell us about your team?

We have a long-serving, multicultural team members who are all committed and dedicated in working directly with children. Many have been at the service for more than five years. It is rare to have big staff turnovers as we are all like a big family who comes in each day with a smile on our faces ready to see all our little ones learn, laugh and play.

The best part of my job is the team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators.  The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning. 

The whole process of starting at a new centre can create confusion and anxiety for families. How do you help your families understand how to enrol at your centre?

Once we have a booking for a centre tour with a family, we share with the families what types of programs we run,  our observations and learning assessment process, run down of what each room focuses on, discussions on what their family’s needs are for their child and what we can offer to support. We go through the enrolment process with the family if they are interested on going through with the enrolment and further discuss about child care subsidy and how this supports individual family financially.

We can also assist on completing enrolment forms with families, assist with an interpreter from one of our team members if available. We also offer ‘Stay and play’ orientations before starting to allow the family and child to meet the educators as well as get to know them.  

In what ways do you show support to your families?

We always try our best to have a monthly in service event where families are invited to the service to celebrate or to participate in programs such as parent information night. We offer families little take home packs, gift bags and or information packs where necessary.  

How do you build a good relationship with your families?

Building good rapport with families from the very beginning is essential as family’s needs to feel comfortable and supported that they have made the right decision on having their child enrolled at our service. We have ongoing communications such as monthly newsletters, updated information within the service are sent through via emails, families are welcome to call anytime during the day, we continuously call out to families if needed on any updates on their child. 


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