Hollie McCarthy 

Centre Manager - Emerald World of Learning

"I’ve learnt the true value of learning through play for children in the early years and just how important this is."

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2019 and started working at Emerald World of Learning early in 2021. I hold a Bachelor in Education (Early Years). I have worked as an educator, a centre manager and a Kindergarten Teacher and I am now the centre manager at Emerald World of Learning. 

I joined a committee who ran the local day care in a small town to help a friend whose children went there. The Centre was going to be closed down if a committee did not form and I didn’t want to see that happen. What started as a favour to a friend and a volunteer position quickly became a passion and a career choice. I spent all my spare time at the Centre working to improve it, so I resigned from my job and took on a full-time role there. I loved seeing the children’s faces every day and knowing that I am playing a role in shaping their future, development and education. 

I’ve learnt the true value of learning through play for children in the early years and just how important this is. My pedagogical approach encompasses enquiry-based and experiential-based learning to create learning through play; ensuring open-ended questions lead my teaching to provide freedom for children to research and challenge.  

Working with children to assist them in becoming strong and independent with a great sense of their awesome individuality is very important to me. I want them to feel safe, loved, respected and cared for at all times. Children should always be confident in who they are and understand the great potential they have in the future.  

At childcare Centres we are able to offer a wide range of activities, resources and different teaching styles that are not always necessarily available in every home. Our days are dedicated to providing learning experiences in a social setting which in today’s busy society families and care givers may struggle to find time to initiate. The exposure to different thought patterns, personalities and cultures within Centre’s is incredibly valuable to children’s understanding of the world and the development of their own individuality.  

Our team are one big family. We laugh together, cry together, and support each other through the good and bad days. The team here are the main reason I took this job. Their creativity, positive attitude, willingness to learn and passion for continuous improvement drive them every day and it’s an honour to work with them. Each educators goal is to provide the best care and education for each child that enters our Centre and I love being a part of that. 

Our team understands just how important your children are to you and we ensure we take our responsibilities seriously. World of Learning centres has extensive policy and procedures in place to assist our team in protecting children in our care.

Each morning I am here to greet families, answer questions, help them with accounts, offer guidance and put them in touch with community organisations and professionals when necessary. I get to know everyone on an individual basis and build connections with them. Having our families feel like a part of our extended family is a great feeling for us, we love making everyone feel safe and supported in our Centre.

Welcome to Emerald World of Learning.  

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