Centre Manager - Colonel Light Gardens World of Learning

“I promote respecting and acknowledging children's voices.”

I started my early learning career in 2009 at Colonel Light Gardens World of Learning and never looked back. I hold a Certificate III and a Diploma in Children's Services.

I have always enjoyed being around children. The early years of a child's life are key to their development. I love that I am a part of this moment in their lives and hope to make a positive lasting impact.

Children are more capable than they are given credit for; sometimes, they just need the confidence to try something for themselves. I make sure to let children know that I believe they are capable and will support them if needed. 

At our Colonel Light Gardens centre, we have a team of passionate and experienced educators. Our trained educators support children's learning at their own pace through play-based experiences. We promote respecting and acknowledging children's voices. I believe that it is ok for them to feel how they feel, and children should feel confident and comfortable expressing their feelings. 

Building relationships with families is key to providing quality care for all children. All our educators want to get to know you and your child so that we can make their transition into our centre as smooth as possible. Throughout your time with us, we keep our communication with you open to keep each other updated on your child's needs. We send regular communications to families through email or Xplor, including a monthly email. If families would like one-on-one time with the educators or would just like to have a conversation, my door is always open, and I can assist as best I can or arrange for further assistance if families would prefer. 

Call to enquire 1800 413 995