Cherie Angove 

Centre Manager - Colonel Light Gardens World of Learning

“Children have an innocent mind and their way of thinking often makes us reflect on our own thinking.”

My passion for helping children on their learning and life journey has never diminished in all my 27 years in the industry. I love to pass on my knowledge and skills in guiding new and emerging Educators, hoping they develop the same passion as I have. I often spend time in the rooms listening to and spending time with the children. 

I have always been interested in educating children as my Mum was a junior primary school teacher when I was growing up. Going to school with her and seeing her passion and the influence she had on children’s learning as a true inspiration for me. I know I wanted to be an Early Childhood Educator before I even finished high school.  

Diploma in ECEC and Advanced Dip in Community Sector Management. I have been in the sector since completing my study straight after high school. I was an ACM in Townsville for two years before moving back to SA and I have been a CM for six years.

Children have an innocent mind and their way of thinking often makes us reflect on our own thinking. Children are forever learning, just as we are and being able to guide their learning during their early years is a privilege. Seeing their personalities develop is amazing as they learn about themselves and develop all the critical milestones for their life’s journey. 

With the guidance of the Early Years Learning Framework, the Educators are able to guide children's learning and development, ensuring that they meet developmental milestones and have the foundations for their life journey. Children are able to further their social skills and develop strong, lasting, secure relationships with peers and Educators.  

We ensure that the learning environments both inside and outside, are safe for children to learn and explore in. Children learn about respecting their environments including the resources and plants. Children’s health is an utmost importance as their needs are met in many ways including through meals meeting nutritional requirements, sleep and/or rest.  

Children have the right to feel safe and secure while at the Centre as all Educators ensure they are protected and have the opportunity to learn and evolve. 

I will ensure all children while at the Centre, feel safe and secure and have the opportunity and right to learn and develop.  

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