Centre Manager - Canley Heights World of Learning

“Children are strong, unique, and resilient individuals, capable of complex thinking and their own perspectives".

I commenced working in the early learning sector in 2009. I began working at the centre from 2009. I currently hold a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and am currently participating in the G8 Bachelor Scholarship Program Birth-5 years.

My journey within the early learning sector was inspired by my cultural background, having come from a large family with lots of older and younger relatives. I chose to enter the sector for the numerous advantages of witnessing children's growth and development. One of these being the relationships formed with the children, allowing them to feel safe and freely participate in educational experiences that allow them to learn in their preferred learning style. As educators, we set an educational foundation for lifelong learners. Knowing that we have a hand in shaping these growing minds provides a strong desire to excel and grow with every learning phase.

Children are strong, unique, and resilient individuals, capable of complex thinking and their own perspectives. Great educators know this and will reinforce this through every learning opportunity. This shows children that they are capable individuals in their own right, with unique personalities, skills, and the ability to contribute.

My primary aim is to provide all children with the building blocks and foundations for good life-readiness and independent experiences within a safe and home like nurturing environment, with strong relationships being formed between the educator, child and parent through open communication and trust.

We believe in creating environments supportive of an ongoing culture of early education, sustainability, connectedness, and inclusion, embracing each child's uniqueness, and developing a positive sense of self and community. We recognise that each child has unique interest, skills, and knowledge. We use this knowledge to build your child's individual program to develop each child's personality, resilience, and love of learning.

Our team at Canley Heights World of Learning deliver high quality care and service to our communities, where we understand and value the importance of a great start within a child's learning journey. The educators are genuine and motivated individuals who treat one another equally, strive to meet the needs of each child and most importantly foster respect and empathy as part of their teaching. We see ourselves as advocates for children's rights and voices and acknowledge the significance of their presence in their early childhood stage of life, where we share a common goal of being part of shaping each child's early lives and helping them reach developmental milestones.

At Canley Heights World of Learning, we believe that the best way to work with our families and their child/children, is by building a partnership of care. To achieve this families are welcomes, recognised, and respected by all our educators, where their views and contributions to the service are valued. Families are involved in decision making about their child's experience, participation, and involvement in all experiences. Our service is a stand-out to the rest, as families are really known by, and know the educators truly care for their child and that they belong to a family community based on mutual trust.

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