Michelle Lu

Centre Manager - Canley Heights World of Learning

“Children don’t say, ‘I had a hard day. Can we talk?’ They say, ‘Will you play with me?” ~ Lawrence Cohen

I have been working in the childcare industry for over 12 years. Working at World of Learning Canley Heights 11 years this November 2020. I have a Master of Early Childhood Teaching. 

At Canley Heights World of Learning, we foster an attitude if openness within our centre- encouragement of all employees to express their ideas and opinions and attributes sense of equal value to all.

I believe that children are born belonging to a culture, which is influenced by the experiences, values, beliefs and traditional practices of individual families. As educators we need to realise diversity contributes to the riches of our communities and respect the diversity of the families in our service. A great educator who respects these key elements is able to foster children’s motivation to learn and reinforce their sense of themselves as competent learners.  

I am most proud of the culturally diverse families and staff within our centre. Together we have formed strong, respectful and trusting relationships that allows us to work together positively and happily, creating a strong family like environment for the children. I am proud of our language diversity within the workplace, we have bilingual employees from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The centre retains a positive reputation as we promote non-discriminatory practices, and value promoting a family like workplace which is evident by our families. 

Having employees from different backgrounds brings in a variety of solutions on how to achieve a common goal. As more diverse ideas are suggested, the chance of finding a workable answer is improved. We recently celebrated a 4th educator’s 10 years Long Service Leave in 2020. We have a strong and passionate team of educators who is always striving for the best outcome for children and families.  

My favourite part of working at Canley Heights is getting to know the families and children and building that positive relationship with them. I have a strong passion for guiding the children’s development and providing them with a home like atmosphere that is emotionally and physically secure. I take pleasure in watching the children reach and attain new goals. I see these children learn and grow every day and it is amazing to see who they turn out to be.  

From the moment you enter our service you will be able to capture the core essence of a family like environment that has been created through the strong respectful relationships formed and shared between the educators and the children.  

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