Kylie Lawrence

Meet the Centre Manager of Nottingham World of Learning

“I believe every child has a right to a dedicated and passionate team of educators to start their early learning journey.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 1999 and started working at Nottingham World of Learning in 2018. I completed my Cert III via traineeship and continued my learning by enrolling in my Diploma and eventually my Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services which I completed in 2009. I have been trained in Child Protection, First Aid, Food Handling, Working with children with additional needs.

I have always from a very young age wanted to teach and make a positive impact upon young children’s lives. I believe every child has a right to a dedicated and passionate team of educators to start their early learning journey. Being the eldest of 12 siblings, I feel teaching was embedded in my core values. Witnessing the accomplishments and joy that brings to children is what inspires me.

We believe our centre is a home away from home, the difference being children can explore and engage in play in a designated learning environment alongside other children. This allows children the opportunity to learn and develop their skills differently to what they would at home. We also have qualified educators who have an intense understanding of child led learning and development of children.

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Some have been with the centre for over 5 years and some for 3 years. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in. We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family. We love connecting with our families and having such a happy, vibrant and passionate team makes each day a success.

One of the best parts of my job is my team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators. The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the foundation for a successful lifetime of learning.

At Nottingham World of learning, we have a strong dedication to child safety and protection. We believe that every child has the right to feel safe, protected and heard. We have all completed training to ensure we understand our rights and duties as professionals and upholding the rights and dignity of each child.

Building good relationships with families is something I take great pride in. I am a mum and know how hard it can be if you do not feel heard or have a connection with the centre. I always endeavor to go above and beyond with my families, ensuring all information is communicated verbally and follow up with email and posters. I am available for families to share their thoughts and concerns and I have dedicated educators that also assist with building connections and spend time chatting with our families.

Families are greeted each morning with a parent pack- this varies from week to week but we always ensures families can walk out of here with a morning take away, from coffee and tea packs with special treats, to yoghurt and muesli cups or brekky muffins. We host many family events through the year including Mother’s Day afternoon Tea, Father’s Day BBQ, Christmas celebrations and many dress up days throughout the year!

During a centre tour each family is offered a detailed visit through the centre and introduced to our team. From here the family is invited to participate in orientation, as we all know how difficult it can be leaving your child on their first day. We explain that we like to build a connection with the family prior to their first day, this helps to assist a smooth transition as we have already started building that relationship. During orientation families are offered the use of a centre laptop to complete online enrolment and applying for CCS, again, we know how difficult this process can be, so we offer our services to assist families through the process.

Welcome to Nottingham World of Learning.

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