Courtney Stubicar

Centre Manager - River City World of Learning

“My approach is to treat each child as a special individual and really enjoy getting to know them.” 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2011 and started working at River City World of Learning in 2013 and have felt at home ever since. I hold a certificate III and Diploma of Children\s Services. 

My mother was a very passionate childcare educator throughout all my life. So, over that time I spent a lot of time in childcare centres watching educators teach, seeing their passion and how rewarding their job was. This is where I discovered my own passion for teaching, watching children grow and establish who they are, their own passions and interests is just so rewarding! Not to mention that over my 11 years in early learning a have helped hundreds of children start their learning journeys and being lucky enough to be involved in any child’s life is always truly a blessing.

Seeing how educators enrich the lives of each child in their care was always beautiful. I started working in early education as a school-based trainee, from here I was able to build a career within early learning moving from Trainee to Assistant Educator, Lead Educator, Educational Leader, Assistant Centre Manager and now as a Centre Manager. 

The biggest lesson I learnt about children is how different they all are. There is no right way to teach, you have to approach teaching with a wholistic approach as every child is so individual and unique and all learn in many different ways. Learning this has then guided the way I teach children. I always made sure that when intentionally teaching children about any subject I will plan many different activities around the one subject so that I can ensure that each child has had the chance to learn everything in their own unique way. 

I have a very nurturing soul and am so passionate about children. Helping children learn, seeing and getting to celebrate the results, the small moments, the big moments, and the hard moments. Getting to see who they become and the skills they have learnt over their first 5 years is so rewarding. 

One of the great things about early childhood education and care is that it brings children & families of all walks of life together to learn from one another. Childcare is such an important environment for children 0-5 years, one of the biggest benefits is interactions and social development. Social interaction/development is so important for children to learn as it is a skill that will stay with them their whole lives. Learning how to interact with others, being able to problem solves and communicate how they feel and the biggest is understanding and empathy, these are all such important things that everybody needs and having those interactions early makes it even easier for children.

We have such a beautiful team here at River City World of Learning. We are a very multicultural team who come from all different walks of life and together we have created a safe and caring environment. We have a very close-knit team with a lot of us having been here for 5+ years and the culture in our center is that of a lot of love and understanding.

From the moment you first walk in we want to ensure you feel welcomed and safe. Or tour process consists of walking through the entire centre, meeting the staff and giving as much information as possible so that you can feel confident that you are making the right choice for your little one. We offer Stay & Plays which is an Orientation process that allows you to come into the centre and spend 30 mins+ within the room so both you and your child can build relationships with educators. This process allows us to get to know you and your child better so when it comes to their first day its not a scary new place with new faces it is somewhat familiar and comforting.

Within our day-to-day practices we ensure that we keep you up to date with everything your child is learning with daily updates through an app called Xplor (all in one family app). These updates include information on what experiences we have participated in for the day as well as photos and/ or videos. We are also able to update each individual child’s food, toileting, and rest/sleep times as it happens so you can see exactly how your little one is doing in real time. We also send out communications via email, the Xplor app, as well as newsletters. We have phones in every room, so you are able to call up anytime and talk to your child’s educator directly. 

I welcome you to come in and meet the friendly team. You’ll love the smell of fresh food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of laughter from the children and our team members. 

Call to enquire 1800 413 995