Each World of Learning Centres curriculum is designed by our educator to reflect their local environments needs and wants.

The curriculum is based around the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EYLF guides our educators to design programs that support learning outcomes for children aged six weeks to six years.  The framework is based around the theory that children learn best through play based activities. A child’s communication skills, literacy and numeracy and social and emotional development are also recognised through the framework.

“Play-based learning is a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social world, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations.”

It is our aim to ensure children in our care become:

  • Successful learners;
  • Confident and creative individuals, and
  • Active and informed learners

It is our job as educators to ensure programs consider each factor of a child’s early development. Research shows from birth to six years, a child is connected to their family, community, culture and their home.

Our educators ensure the each experience is an extension of a child’s home life and their first educators – their family.

Through our curriculum, children will be able to learn through three main concepts: Being, Becoming and Belonging.


Each environment and learning program ensures children are able to thrive and get to know themselves and others. Children should be confident in learning new skills and meeting new challenges.


Throughout the year, children will become more confident as their skills and experiences change. Their understanding and acceptance will grow and evolved through programs designed to encourage active participation.


Programs are designed to ensure children form relationships and a sense of belonging to their family, care and education centre and wider community.

Each World of Learning facility it specially resourced to ensure each child is encouraged to learn through play.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Research shows that children do better in care and education services when parents talk often with educators and become involved. There are number of ways that parents and educators can communicate with each other, rather than relying on the scheduled parent-teacher interviews.

At World of Learning, we encourage parents to participate in our programs, allowing them an insight into their child’s day to day activities. Parents are welcome to spend time in the centre and share those special moments with their children.

Information regarding your child’s day will be documented daily for you to view.  This includes details of sleeping habits, toilet practices, child’s response to the day and any health and safety issues that may have arisen.

Our staff will also speak with you informally upon collection of the child or through phone calls if any issues arise during the day.

Please do not hesitate to discuss your child at any time with our Educators or Centre Director.

Services and Facilities

World of Learning Centres pride themselves on offering age appropriate resources and materials to ensure your child receives the best opportunities to develop their skills.

Each of our services is decorated keeping a child’s home-life in mind. Calming areas and natural play spaces have been created including outdoor areas.

The environment in which your child learns is considered the third teacher; alongside parents and educators. Each room is carefully designed by each room’s lead educator to ensure there are organised areas to promote learning.

For your convenience a range of services are offered at each Centre including nappies, nutritious meals, courtesy bus services and Outside School hours care.

To find out more about each individual World of Learning, please search ‘Find Your Closest Centre.’

Kindergarten Program

Each World of Learning Centre teaches a specialised Kindergarten program to children aged three to five years.

Each program is developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in mind.

The program is taught by qualified early childhood teachers including bachelor qualified teachers.

Specifically catering to the three to five years age group, each program is aimed at providing children with the skills and knowledge needed for primary school.

As part of the program, children engage in play based learning to develop early literacy and numeracy concepts and communication skills which will help their reading and writing ability.

Qualified and Caring Educators

Each World of Learning educator is employed to ensure your child is cared for while receiving a quality early education.

Our staff qualifications range from trainee educator to bachelor qualified.

Our educators are equipped to calm even the most challenging situation, such as a toddler tantrum or separation anxiety, by providing consistent and caring guidance and effective methods of communication.

All of our educators are passionate about working with and assisting families as children grow to become confident and active learners.

Child Development Portfolio

A development portfolio documents your child’s journey in our care.

World of Learning uses Xplor: a fantastic app that captures your child’s learning and updates you directly! This is part of our commitment to providing your child with the best learning experience.