About Us

WelcomeWelcome to World of Learning

We are focused on educating future generations and preparing them for school and beyond.

Each World of Learning Centre is individual. Programs are collaborated with each stakeholder including our educators, families and their environment.

We provide before and after school care programs in some of centres as well as vacation care which you can learn about HERE.

World of Learning provides an age appropriate warm, welcoming and supportive environment where children are encouraged to learn, grow and play.

All of our facilities are designed to actively encourage learning. Each centre caters for different age groups from six weeks up to 12 years and a range of services are provided for your convenience.

Our qualified and caring educators are dedication to early childhood care and education. Our ultimate goal at World of Learning is to help develop and promote healthy, active children who feel strong and confident in their learning environment.

Please visit one of our centres today or call to arrange a tour or to speak to the Centre Manager about the programs and care we can deliver for your child.