Learning with Nature at Lilliput

At Lilliput World of Learning, we like to provide children with Natural Materials in their daily tasks such as within Art, Building and Construction and so on.

Recently, the children asked an educator about leaves and what we could do with them. After brainstorming a few ideas, we decided on doing some ‘leaf painting!’ 

To get started, the children had the opportunity to choose what they would place the paint in, and which colours they would use. 

When setting this up, we spoke about different-sized leaves, different texture on leaves and also the various designs we see on a leaf. 


Here are a few different reasons why it’s advantageous to use natural materials in different ways: 

It’s good for the environment

If your child is creating art using natural (or recycled) materials, then you might be less inclined to buy as many supplies and toys. Less ‘stuff’ doesn’t have to equal less fun.

Inspire creativity

Children love to craft with materials they have gathered themselves. Since you won’t have a store-bought craft kit with instructions to follow, your child will have to come up with some ideas themselves.

Learn about nature

Point out that some plants flower at different times of year. Discuss the role of bees. Gather seed pods and imagine the size of the tree it might grow into. Talk about what plants eat, and what animals eats plants. Did you see that tiny lizard? I wonder where he’s going…

Natural materials are free!

Not only are they light on the hip pocket, but natural resources are also freely available. This means you don’t need to pre-plan, you don’t need a trip to the shops, and you don’t have to store them. Spontaneous creativity, here we come!

Notice small details

When we are out gathering, the children pay more attention to the colour of the flowers, the shape of the leaves and the texture of stones. If you look closely, you’ll notice things you hadn’t noticed before. The world is a marvellous place!

If you would like your child to experience this we have limited spots for 2019. 

Call Natalie, Centre Manager at Lilliput World of Learning on 0747 755 832 to book a tour! 

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