What’s happening at World of Learning Narellan

Here at World of Learning Narellan, the children and educators have been participating in a range of fun and interesting learning experiences.

Read on to find out what we have recently been upto at the centre. 

Our Food

We are so lucky to have our very own in-centre chef, Tracey.

Tracey works with families to meet every child’s specific dietary needs. Whether your child has allergies, intolerances, or both; we can cater to them all. 

Tracey is currently preparing our nutritious winter menu. Here’s a sneak peak at one of our delicious dishes. Can you guess what it is?

vegetarian fried rice

This is our brown fried rice with delicous veggies, tofu and fresh herbs! 

Messy Play with Paint 

Do we offer paint and messy play to the little ones at Narellan World of Learning? You bet we do!

The infants loved doing a group painting recently, using different painting tools and parts of their body to explore different textures.

Group painting with a variety of tools allows the children to have creative output and use their imagination. It also engages them in higher social skills as they paint alongside with peers. Children who play together learn together!

Muddy Play with the Rain 

Finally, some lovely rain for our farmers. For the children at Narellan World of Learning, rain creates opportunities for muddy play! 

Sometimes building a strong disposition for learning is just about having fun!

Here is our delicious mud pit in action.


There’s nothing like providing young children with activities where they can play, learn and explore. While doing so independently, our educators are able to watch them take small risks in a safe environment.

Simple events like this can be exercised anywhere, be it at the centre or at home.

Stay tuned to see the upcoming activities we have planned for the children at World of Learning Narellan


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