Recent Events at World of Learning Chelsea 1

Here at World of Learning Chelsea 1, we’ve been engaging in some wonderful events, activities and excursions. Read on to see what we have been up to. 


Just before the Easter break, we had a great experience visiting our local bakery.  The children were very excited to learn how to make Hot Cross Buns with the baker and eagerly watched them being made.

All the children got a little takeaway goodie bag when they left the bakery. To make the trip that little extra special, we even had a stop at a pet shop before heading to the bakery. 

Building Flexibility 

Recently in our Circus Class, the children have been learning new skills and practicing teamwork. One of our experiences was to use our bodies to make bridges. This was not only a great team-building experience, but also improved our flexibility. 

Library Visit 

The kinder room recently went on a community walk to the local library. The children explored the library and listened to the educators read them a variety of books. Within the library environment, the children learnt about the importanc of whispering so that people wouldn’t get distrubed. We were so impressed with their good manners and respect for others in the library. 

Fire Brigade Visit 

Last month we had a special visit from our local fire brigade. Four fire fighters discussed the importance of fire safety with the children. We spoke about what to do in an emergency and even saw the equipment in the fire truck.

The children had lots of fun being a firefighter for the day as they sprayed a fireman’s hose and explored the fire engine.

Commonwealth Games 

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games, the children had a great experience with a visit to our local park. They had lots of fun showing their skills and flexing their muscles!

The children experienced a variety of games like an egg and spoon race, running, basketball, music and movement in the park. To finish off, we all had a sausage sizzle for lunch in the park. 

Letters to Mummy 

The children in the kinder room this month have been enjoying writing little notes for their mums. At the end of the month, we will be sending their cards through the post to their mummy.

Science Experiments 

This month the children are enjoying some science experiments. Through this they will learn new skills using different tools, like a magnifying glass. Hands-on activities like these enable the children to fully immerse themselves in a learning experience. 

All these experiences have been enriching, educational, fun and entertaining for the children. We hope to continue this throughout the rest of the year! 


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