Exciting Activities at World of Learning Victor Harbor

From physical activities to raising money for a worthy initiative, it’s been an exciting month of us here at World of Learning Victor Harbor

Musical Muscles 

We are really excited to share that Caleb from Musical Muscles will be joining us once again. He will be here to complete his music and movement program with our 3-5 year olds in 2018. Caleb will be visiting us most months and spending up to 2 hours with the children by singing, dancing and playing music.

Caleb from Musical Muscles tells us:

“In Australia our music curriculum starts at Stage 1 (0-7yrs). While it is basic, it is a musical foundation on which children will build and refer back to for the rest of their lives. If for instance, a child is not exposed to this foundation arly on the child may become disinterested as the curriculum becomes more advanced. So I propose a musical program based on the Australian Music Curriculum Stage 1. Musical Muscles is a response to music teachers of older ages. Many teachers struggle to teach their music curriculum because the foundation in music was not established. There are six elements to Music all as equally important. I will target one element per workshop thus covering the whole foundation.”

Crazy Hair Day 

This week we participated in a Crazy Hair Day – Every Day! It was lots of fun to see the educators come with different hair styles, wigs and hats for the week. The children were excited to talk about what their own hair looked like, as well as each other’s.

It was wonderful to have the communal effort from all our children and families, who assisted us in raising money for the Leukemia Foundation as part of the World’s Greatest Shave.

One of the children’s favourite moments was being able to decorate our educator – Luke. Luke sat outside and placed a towel around his neck, and then our other educator – Tab, decorated Luke’s hair with some coloured hair spray and lots of glitter. We were also able to decorate Luke’s beard with some pink hair spray, bells, bows and pipe cleaners.

Stay tuned for our upcoming activities at World of Learning Victor Harbor

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