Clean Up Australia Day at Victor Harbour!

On Monday 5th March, the Pre-Kindy and Kindy group at World of Learning went for a walk down to the local beach. 

We strolled over to Oliver’s Reef, to participate in Clean Up Australia Day. This tied in well with our Community Involvement and Sustainability Action Plan. Clean Up  Australia Day encourages people within our local community to play their part in protecting and caring for the environment.


History of Clean Up Australia Day

The day began back in 1989, when an “average Australian bloke” had a simple idea to make a difference in his own backyard. This little idea has now become the Nation’s largest community-based environmental event.

The initiative of Clean Up the World (an estimated 40 million people from 130 countries annually take part) has demonstrated that this simple Australian idea has universal appeal. 

Since this time, Clean Up Australia has evolved into an organisation that works with the Community, Government and businesses to provide practical solutions to sustainability. 

On the day 

When we arrived at the beach, we were all eager to search for the rubbish and help support our community.  In addition to this, our aim was to care for the sea animals by ensuring no rubbish could hurt them.

As educators we were thrilled to find little rubbish, but the momentum with the children was not hindered. We searched high and low through shrubs and deep into the sand, and at last we hit success!

We found bottle caps, plastic cups, plastic bags, string and even a broken car tyre. On our way back to the centre, we even stopped along the way and picked up more rubbish that we found.

Through this intentional teaching moment, we hope to assist the children in understanding the importance of recycling and caring for the world we live in. 


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