Praise from an International Education Expert

At World of Learning, we recognise that communication with our families is extremely important! To help us communicate effectively with our families we use Kindyhub, a powerful tool which is used to share the learning of children in our care with our families.

Recently, at Felixstow World of Learning we were delighted to receive some praise, all the way from a grandparent in Israel! This is what Mr. Orad, who is a Science Curriculum Developer at the Ministry of Education in Israel, had to say:

Wow, this thorough and loving way of treatment has really excited me and inspired me a lot. It’s profound and well done. I really feel lucky and thankful that my granddaughter is treated in this way. The educators here are conducting a work worth praising. I realise that not only photos are shown, but as well a detailed description of the children’s deeds within the frame of the kindergarten, in the educational context. In addition, I see that the descriptions have been escorted by proper items taken from the educational program that refer to these deeds. It is really inspiring. Well done!

The dealing with inquiry, in this case mathematical inquiry and environmental inquiry, is very prominent. In Israel, we are also dealing with inquiry and skills strategies, within the frame of our educational system, in all grades. Inquiry is interwoven through the learning contents.”

This heartwarming compliment came in reaction to one of our Kindyhub posts, which show Yoram’s granddaughter engaging in a planting activity, as seen below:

We are currently planting some vegetables in our veggie farm. Today S and O wanted to help one of our educators Maggie, plant a plant that O bought from home. They dug a hole with a shovel, planted the parsley and watered it. We also discussed what we are going to plant next, and they want to plant tomatoes in our veggie farm. 

From this, we are expecting them to develop an awareness of the impact of human activity on environments and the interdependence of living things.

We are so pleased that we can communicate with families all over the world! Kindyhub has allowed parents, guardians and families to feel involved with their child’s learning and development, despite being physically away. At World of Learning, we love to engage with our families, using Kindyhub- so that they can be with their children at every step of the way!


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