Victor Harbor connects with Local Police

On Tuesday 14th February our Rainbow Room (3 – 5 year olds) were lucky enough to have a visit from a Police Woman called Jane.


Our Educators, Tabitha and Di contacted the South Australian Police, to see if someone would like to come and visit the children and the centre, to help teach us about car safety, fire safety and what we should do in an emergency. We were fortunate to have Jane from Mount Barker Police Station, come to Victor Harbor to provide us with this.

Some of the children’s interest had peaked for learning about Police Officers, as in January we watched the Tour Down Under. During this time the children saw lots of Police Officers guiding traffic on motorbikes, riding on bicycles and some in police cars.

We had discussed with the children before Jane’s arrival that we would be having a Police Officer come to visit. When Jane did arrive the children were excited, their faces lit up and they were all eager to sit and listen to what Jane had to tell us.

Jane began by showing the children her badge, explaining to them that the badge is how you know someone is a Police Officer. Jane made sure that the children knew that Police Officers are here to help keep us all safe and if we ever need help you can always get a Police Officer. As Jane spoke she asked the children to remember three important things, which she would later ask them to check to see if they had been listening! Jane showed the children a picture of ‘000’ and explained how this is the number you call on the phone if you need help right away – this was the first thing for them to remember.

Jane moved on to talk about car safety. Jane’s first question was “What do we need to wear in the car?”  Some of the children called out “seat belts”. Jane told the children that seat belts were to help keep you safe in the car and we need to make sure we are always wearing them – this was the second thing for them to remember.

Jane talked about fire safety with matches. She explained to the children that they should never play with matches – this was the third thing Jane wanted us to remember.

Before going out to look at the Police car, Jane showed us pictures of Police Officers on horses, bicycles, motorbikes, cars and walking. As we looked at each picture we discussed what we could see, some children also provided further input saying “I’ve seen Police on that”. The bicycles and motorbikes seemed to be the ones that all the children were interested in and had seen before.

a4eb5af0-4966-48bd-b78a-88d54eea7f00Finally we went outside to see the Police car. Jane showed the children the special radio inside the car and what she used it for. Jane also turned on the sirens, so we knew what noise a Police car made – it was very loud and some of us had to cover our ears!

Before Jane left she asked us if we remembered the three most important things. Jane asked “What is the number that we call if we need Police?” and a couple of children called out “000”. Next Jane asked “What do we have to wear in the car?” and everyone called out “a seat belt!” The third thing Jane asked was “What was something we should never play with?” and some children called out “matches”.

Some comments throughout the incursion that were heard were “This is so cool”, “Look there’s a Police Officer”,”That was so loud” and “Wow”.

As Jane went to leave, she provided us with some resources. We all received a paper Police hat, as well as a card memory game and a colouring in picture. We all used our manners and thanked Jane for her time and for our gifts.

Once Jane had left, the excitement continued as for the rest of the day the children were wearing their Police hats. We added vests from our dress up box and made a car using chairs in the home corner. The children created imaginary games and scenarios that they thought Police Officers would do in their job.

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