Victor Harbor’s excursion to watch the Tour Down Under

On the 19th January, we walked to the main road just behind our centre in Victor Harbor. Between 1:30pm and 3pm we were able to watch the cyclists for the Tour Down Under race past. In the lead up to the event we talked about this with our Rainbow Room children (3 years to 5 years).


During the week we made our own flags for us to wave and cheer on the cyclists as we watched. Esme even brought on the day her special cow bell that she rang as the cyclists rode past.

We were sitting near the road, talking excitedly about what we might see, how many cyclists we thought we would see, whether they would ride fast or slow, as well as why we saw lots of police officers in their cars and on motorbikes. We also saw two helicopters and learnt from a lady who was watching the cyclists, that one helicopter stays at the front of the group to film them, and the other is at the back of the group. With knowing this we were able to watch the helicopter throughout the entire race in the sky, and see when they were getting closer.

The peloton rode past where we were sitting three times. Each time we noticed a difference in the group. On the first leg, there were four cyclists out the front and then the rest of the peloton were all bunched up. The second time round, there were four cyclists still way out front, and the peloton had become longer and thinner. On the third round, there was one cyclist who was out in front by himself – we guessed that he must have been winning the stage at that time.


It was a great atmosphere and provoked lots of different questions and thinking amongst the group. It allowed us the opportunity to connect within our local community, as well as Australia as the Tour Down Under is a big event that many look forward to each year.

Now the children are looking forward to having their own Tour Down Under and race each other around our race track outside on the bikes.

Take a look below at all our of wonderful pictures from the day!

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