Monthly Archives: May 2015

The World of Natural Bird Feeders

All Natural Bird Feeders! There are many ways to give back to nature, and one of the best ways to help limit your back garden’s impact on the environment is to make it more convenient for the animals that sometimes inhabit it! This month we are looking at exciting bird feeders that can be made […]


Granville’s interest in Penguins

This week in the Jumping Jacks room at Granville World of Learning, it was all about animals, specifically the penguin! The children were discussing different animals when Liam suggested the penguin and turned into one immediately. The other children were so fascinated by this that it became the weekly interest. A story about a penguin […]


Planting seeds at Maryborough World of Learning

Interest in planting seeds and lifecycles progressed recently at Maryborough World of Learning, to planting seeds in our raised garden beds.  Two varieties of Pea plant seeds were planted today; Sugarsnap and Telephone Peas. Students noticed that the packets of seeds were green, the same colour green as our playmate Christian’s clothing today.  Children and […]