Cranbourne’s Anzac Experience

1This week the children from the pre-kinder room at Cranbourne World of Learning have been participating in activities to do with Anzac day. 

On Tuesday the 21st of April Mikayla, Isabelle, Matthew, Piper, Dylan, and Olivia got the chance to make their own Anzac biscuits. Before we started we sat down on the mat and spoke about hygiene and that we need to wash our hands with soap and water to wash all the germs away and that we need to have gloves on our hands whilst we are touching the food. Whilst baking our Anzac biscuits we were learning about measurement and the science of combining different ingredients to create something delicious. 

The children were able to enjoy their biscuits for afternoon tea where we spoke about how the Anzac biscuit came about. I told the children that the soldier used to eat them while they were fighting to keep us safe.

6On Wednesday the 22nd of April we sat down for group time and read a book called Anzac Ted. They children noticed that at the start of the book Anzac ted looked sad and had Band-Aid’s all over him. When I asked them why he might look like this Isabelle confidently said “Because he ate too many Anzac Biscuits” remembering our conversation from the day before.

On Thursday the 23rd of April we made our own poppy garden. The children got together their art materials such as paper, patty pans, textas, glitter, tissue paper, icy pole sticks and glue to create their own poppies.

We then went and planted them in a tub full of sand.

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