Hot Cross Bun’s made at Victor Harbor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week Katie asked Rory’s Mum Melissa if she would come in and do some Easter baking with us at Victor Harbor World of Learning. Melissa owns a restaurant locally and had said if we would ever like to do some cooking she would be more than happy to help – so we seized this opportunity to create some yummy hot cross buns.

In the morning Melissa and Rory came with their arms full of ingredients – upon their arrival the children became excited as they knew something different would be happening. Tabitha then grouped the children on the mat and explained that Melissa would be helping us make some hot cross buns. This ignited a short discussion about baking that many of our children do at home with their families.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMelissa began by asking “what is the first thing we need before we start?” – many responses were to wash our hands, which we agreed upon and Melissa added “But we need a recipe so we know how to make the hot cross buns properly”. We then listed each ingredient, and all had a turn at adding some sugar to the flour. We also grabbed a small amount of raisins each and placed them in the mixing bowl too. Melissa then added some yeast and mixed spice before we all had a turn at stirring the ingredients together.

Katie brought the microwave down as we then needed to melt the butter and heat up the milk before adding them into the bowl too. Once all the ingredients were mixed well we then took it in turns to knead the dough. Melissa showed everyone the effective method of this, and some of us were really good pushing down hard and rolling it over.

Once the dough was nice and firm Melissa broke parts of for each of us, and then we rolled our dough into a nice ball before placing it on the baking tray.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen adding a cross on top the children were provided with an option of how they would like to decorate theirs. Bella wanted to make a star on the top. Benji just did ‘a little shape’. Charlotte wanted to do a rainbow. Maddyson, Samuel, Rory and Declan all did a cross. Seamus did a snail. Levi did a rainbow. All of them did a fantastic job at making their hot cross bun individual, and only required a small amount of help in holding the piping bag (this way we kept the mixture in the bag and it didn’t fall out the wrong end!).

We all had so much fun cooking and baking with Melissa, before she left all of us said a big thank you for her and Rory donating their time today. We can’t wait to eat them for afternoon tea!

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