Easter at Granville World of Learning

6EASTER! EASTER! EASTER! At Granville World of Learning, we have completed so many activities throughout the week for celebrate this festive season. In the Tumbling Teddies room, the children worked with the educators to create a wall filled with different artworks, including their own hand made bunnies! WOW! The Teddies were really enjoying this and managed not to make a mess … well a big one anyway.

5In the Jumping Jacks room, they have been working on their Easter knowledge since last week. Below you can see some of their responses. But never fear, the Jacks have also been creating their Easter creations and combining with the other rooms to go on an Easter egg hunt. We have two Easter bunnies that were hiding all the eggs around our outdoor playground and the other sneaky hunters were peeking out the window to see where they could find them. Eventually the hunt began. The children rushed out to look for the eggs, but to be fair, we looked for the eggs together and placed them in a basket so we can share them later (and put them in our OWN hand made baskets).

2In the Dancing Dolphins room, they made their own baskets using paper plates. How does that work you think? Well it is simple … we cut the plates in half and stuck them on, adding string and it was as simple as 1,2,3. The Dolphins were able to fill their baskets with ALL the eggs they found on their hunt. They loved this and learnt all about sharing their yummy chocolates.

From creating face masks in the Teddies room, to baskets in the Dolphins room, to rabbits in the Jacks room. But not only that, we have been learning so much about the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate this special occasion.

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