Monthly Archives: October 2014

How to keep your children healthy

Top tips for healthy eating and sickness prevention In our busy fun-filled lives there is no time to be sick! Help your children avoid the common cold and other viral infections by following these simple tips and tricks. The common cold is caused by many different virus types with varying pathogenic mechanisms (ways of making […]


National Police Remembrance Day

Today at Chancellor Park World of Learning we celebrated police Remembrance Day with a visit from Officer Veronica and her partner Officer Andy. They spoke to us about the importance of their job, how they are here to protect us and if we need their help. We spoke about stranger danger and catching bad guys of […]


San Marino – Sustainability Specialists!

On Wednesday 24/9 Michelle from the Liverpool City council visited our centre at World of Learning San Marino to speak with the children about waste and recycling. Michelle was very impressed with the children’s knowledge as they helped sort the rubbish into the correct bins. Colour identification, co-ordination, and understanding the fundamentals of recycling was […]