Speaking Up About Speech Pathology

Speech pathology is the study of evaluating and treating communication and swallowing disorders. The study of speech has many uses and is very important in understanding the construction of language and how different people learn to communicate in different ways. Speech Pathology Australia, or simply the SPA, are leading researchers in the area and have created awards for outstanding books which help children develop speech and literacy skills.

This is based on their appeal and interactive quality. Can We Lick the Spoon Now? by Carol Goess and Tasmin Ainslie won the 2011 award for Best Book for Language and Literacy Development in the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards. It is a prime example of how reading aloud with young children is beneficial to their growth and development.

Can We Lick the Spoon Now

Kingswood World of Learning hosted an exciting speech pathology session for parents and families of their local community in mid July this year. Local speech therapist Jessica Litchfield visited the centre to share some of her knowledge and expertise on the matter.

Jessica was so impressed with the centre that she let our friendly staff know some lovely things which she believed was an encouraging environment for learning.

“Kingswood’s ‘World of Learning’ has successfully managed to create a rich learning environment for children. During our visit to the centre, we observed a wide variety of learning areas, including a fairy garden, deck and an indoor garden. Within this setting there were a range of games and activities that may challenge and entertain children’s minds. The staff worked consistently to tidy, arrange and display the activities in a way that would best suit the children.”

Thank you so much Jessica and everyone at Belinda Hill & Associates-Speech-Language Pathologists, we appreciate your feedback and thank you for your time! For more about speech pathology, visit Belinda Hill & Associates’ website which has some interesting facts you can read about HERE.

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