Baala Banjo visits Thuringowa Central

1At Thuringowa Central World of Learning we had a special visitor come to the centre to visit all of the children.

Nii from Baala Banjo, an African Musician who tours around Australia, came and introduced his cultures music to the very excited children. All the children and their families were invited along to come and see the concert.

When it was time to start we all sat in front of the drums while Nii introduced himself and the names of the different musical instruments he had brought. We soon discovered he called them a different name to us, for example: a Drum is called a Djembes.

enjoying playing drumsNii then treated the children to a song playing the drums, some found this a little loud and needed to cover their ears. The music had a great beat which had the children swaying in their seats.

It was then our turn to make music standing in front of the drums. The children had to listen carefully as Nii counted to three before we could start drumming.  We also learnt a song and dance as we followed Nii’s actions.

Before Nii left he talked to us about how people in Africa carry around baskets of goods on their head and what they wear. He then invited Harmonee up on stage and dressed her into a colourful dress and placed a basket on her head. Harmonee was able to slowly walk a few steps being careful to keep the basket on her head.

Baala Banjo has been a great experience for the children to learn about different cultures from other parts of the world.

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