Tree Stump turned Volcano

2The Clontarf World of Learning Pre-kindy class has been looking at different letters of the alphabet each fortnight. Last week was the letter D ansome of the children were very interested in Dinosaurs with one child relating Dinosaurs with Volcanoes. During outdoor play he identified the tree stump as looking like a volcano.

 To incorporate the child’s idea into the program the educators thought it would be great to create an Erupting Volcano.

 They discussed with the children what a volcano was and looked at pictures and videos of a volcano erupting the children were very excited and talked about the colours red and orange coming out the top and that it look like fireworks and that it would be very hot to touch. The noises were very loud and some of the children suggested they sounded like thunder.

 A parent from the Pre-kindy class joined us for the experience and said it was such a fantastic idea.

1The children demonstrated their developing confidence as active and involved learners; they were able to transfer knowledge from looking at the pictures and videos to the practical experiment that was taking place. The children were also able to hypothesise and predict what might happen when the ingredients were mixed together. (Early Years Learning Framework Outcome 4)

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