Fairy Garden

What a productive few days we have had at Tinana World of Learning. The Children, along with Theresa and Sarah, have created a beautiful Fairy Garden!

Children GardeningWhile helping Sarah to clean up the room on Thursday last week, the children came across 3 small pots used for growing herbs. The children asked Sarah what it was for, so Sarah explained to them that you put some soil in the pots and then bury some seeds and you can grow herbs.

After a discussion involving both the Dolphin and Koala children, they all decided that they would like to build a garden for themselves. A few months ago we picked up an old fashioned trolley from a second hand landscaping shop, after some brainstorming with the staff we decided that it would be a good idea if we built the garden in the trolley.

The children began digging out old soil, putting in new soil and planting the new plants. We also had some left over rocks from an old garden and an old bird house that one child commented ‘looks like a fairy house’! Let’s build a fairy garden!

Fairy HouseWith all the children’s hard work and wonderful design the children used a range of skills during this activity including; problem solving, creativity, investigating. They also developed several dispositions for learning such as; curiosity, cooperation, commitment, enthusiasm and imagination. The children resourced their own learning through natural and processed materials helping them to become confident and involved learners.

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