Learning from Outdoor Play

At World of Learning Chancellor Park the Chico’s Room has been investigating our outdoor areas. Activities like this are excellent to achieve several different learning outcomes. In particular, all of the children were very interested in exploring, investigating and learning about all of the plants growing in the garden bed.

Everybody gathered around to look at and smell the garden’s herbs. One of the children excitedly explained “You can even eat this” when the children were shown the mint plant. A few brave Chico’s tasted the mint but didn’t exactly enjoy the taste!

The mint was then collected and brought inside so that we could investigate it closer with a magnifying glass. Investigating the objects found in the gardens inspires the children to become more socially responsible and learn to show respect for the environment.

Our families are also encouraged to support the children’s efforts of respecting our environment by contributing to “Our Useful Box” with their household items that our children can then recycle.

After much thought, we decided to add the mint to our play dough. Each of the children took turns adding ingredients and mint. By celebrating and sharing their contributions and achievements with others, the children are able to further develop a strong sense of identity.

The sensory experience of touch, taste and smell with this activity fascinated the children. Through exploration and play, children can develop a disposition for learning through their curiosity, cooperation, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

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