Learning about Snakes!

Learning about snakesAs a follow-up experience for our current interest in snakes, local wildlife experts from the Maryborough TESS Wildlife Sanctuary came to Maryborough World of Learning to share their knowledge and introduce us to some of their special animal friends!

Before the volunteers arrived, our curious Pre-Prep’s developed a long list of questions they wanted to ask the wildlife volunteers about snakes. All of their questions were written on a mind map by Miss Sam. Some of the very clever questions included; “Why do they have a big, long tongue?” from Master B and Master O was curious to know – “Why do they shed skin?”.

Not long after the discussion the volunteers Wolfgang and Travis arrived and introduced the children to their reptile friends. Their group of friends included many different types of lizards and two snakes! Snake and volunteer

After introducing each animal and telling the children all about their favourite foods, appearance and habitat the Pre-Preps had a chance to ask all of their pre-planned questions. Wolfgang, the friendly volunteer was more than happy to answer all of their queries.

The BRAVE children were then invited to touch the reptiles! Little Miss H remarking “It feels smooth like soft snake skin”.

At World of Learning we believe activities like these are fantastic to encourage the children to connect with new people and animals and actively learn with enthusiasm!

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