Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fairy Garden

What a productive few days we have had at Tinana World of Learning. The Children, along with Theresa and Sarah, have created a beautiful Fairy Garden! While helping Sarah to clean up the room on Thursday last week, the children came across 3 small pots used for growing herbs. The children asked Sarah what it […]


Learning from Outdoor Play

At World of Learning Chancellor Park the Chico’s Room has been investigating our outdoor areas. Activities like this are excellent to achieve several different learning outcomes. In particular, all of the children were very interested in exploring, investigating and learning about all of the plants growing in the garden bed. Everybody gathered around to look […]


Learning about Snakes!

As a follow-up experience for our current interest in snakes, local wildlife experts from the Maryborough TESS Wildlife Sanctuary came to Maryborough World of Learning to share their knowledge and introduce us to some of their special animal friends! Before the volunteers arrived, our curious Pre-Prep’s developed a long list of questions they wanted to […]