Lilliput Inclusion Support

Our Lilliput World of Learning Centre was recently showcased in the Inclusion Support Agency North Queensland (ISANQ) newsletter. The centre highlighted their cultural inclusion which you can read about below.

Lilliput World of Learning, our journey so far…

Over the past two years, Educators at Lilliput have adjusted and embraced the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) through conversations with families and in the documentation of children’s learning.

The educators have explored the content of Cultural competence, reflective practice, community partnerships and sustainable practices.

With many of our educators coming from other countries and English being their second language, we have been very fortunate to be able to share and learn with the children the many different cultures and traditions which in turn provide endless stories and experiences.

At Lilliput, our Educators provide a high quality inclusive program for all children and we feel the EYLF has provided a guidance and understanding of children’s learning and development.

Educators at Lilliput all work together to support the children’s play, and with learning and development, we aim to achieve common outcomes for all children.

We are continually working on exciting new programs to support our families and communities.

Look at the fantastic work that Lilliput has been doing…


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